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What is Empowering Her Service About! 

Purpose: Assist in restoring the well-being of our nation's mothers, daughters, sisters, and all other female veterans, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives after enduring the challenges of and traumas of military service.


Mission: Our mission is to empower female veterans with the necessary tools for healing and personal growth.


Vision: End PTSD and MST for all of America’s Veterans.


When Screened by a VA health Care Provider 1 out 3 Women reported having experienced Military Sexual Trauma (MST).


The VA has reported that rate of suicide among women is 2x higher among women Veterans

Statistics and Reporting: The prevalence of sexual assault in the military, particularly affecting female service members, has long-standing concern. Reports have indicated that a significant number of cases still go unreported due to a fear of retaliation, concerns about career advancement, and distrust in the military’s handling of such cases.


Impact: Sexual assault can have profound and enduring effects on mental health, leading to PTSD, depression, anxiety, and difficulties in forming trusting relationships. These challenges can significantly hinder a veteran's transition to civilian life.

The problem we are trying to solve is complex.


Challenges persist due to underreporting, lack of comprehensive data, and the need for more targeted, gender-specific services tailored to the unique experiences of female veterans.


Overall, addressing these multifaceted challenges requires a holistic approach involving policy changes, cultural shifts, increased support services, and continued advocacy to ensure the well-being and successful reintegration of female veterans into civilian life.

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